Ms. Gertrude Cotter
Dr. Steve O’ Brien

This website records the stories and images of student teacher’s classroom work during the 2017 to 2018 academic year. The images were taken mostly at the launch of the exhibition ‘We make the Journey by Walking’ at the Glucksman Art Gallery on 25th May 2018.


‘Id Est’: Integrating Development Education into Student Teacher Practice, is a project run by the School of Education UCC.  It is led by Ms. Gertrude Cotter and Dr. Stephen O’Brien. It is funded by Ubuntu Network which is an Irish Aid funded network of teacher educators.  Ubuntu actively promotes that Development Education be embedded into post-primary Initial Teacher Education (ITE) in Ireland. 

UCC has been running the ‘Id Est’ Project since 2014.  In this the fourth year of the “Id Est” we worked with a group of PME students to deliver Development Education in the classroom, through innovative, including visual arts, teaching and learning methodologies.  We introduced students to the core concepts of Development Education in core lectures, we ran six hours of training towards the Global Teacher Award  (facilitated by Vicki Donnelly of Galway One World Centre), we had a guest speaker, Mr. Stephen Farley from Trocaire and we had a two  workshops with Mr. John Rafftery of ‘We Are Made’ and Mr. Tadgh Crowley of the Glucksman Gallery, UCC, to illustrate how creative arts and an art gallery such as the Glucksman can enable and enhance both teaching and learning of Development Education in the second and third level classroom.  The student teachers then developed an art exhibition called ‘A Journey Through Development Education’, in collaboration with the Glucksman.  We hope you enjoy the site and our congratulations to all who participated, especially the student teachers and the secondary school pupils from across Cork city and county.  Below you will find some further images from the journey.

Steve and Gertrude

Here are some quotes from the Exhibition.  The posters were designed by John Raftery.  If you click on the image you can read the quote more clearly.

Here you can see a wall of quotes from PME Students about Development Education.  To read the quotes more clearly please click on What PME Students Said about Development Education




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