St. Vincents

THE TOURISM INDUSTRY IN ASIA – St. Vincent’s Secondary School

Lino Prints: Animals in South East Asia

Teacher: Mr. Peter Martin.

Class: Second Year Art

Looking at South East Asia, we learned about how animals are exploited and the victims of serious cruelty due to the tourism industry. We also looked at how various types of fishing and pollution endanger large sea mammals such as Dolphins, whales, turtles, etc. This pollution problem also relates to Ireland.  We also learned that large, unplanned resorts might provide high income for some, but the benefits are not trickling down to the poorest. A micro-oriented state such as Guizhou, in South West China promotes small-scale, low-skill economic opportunities—and so reduces poverty despite slow economic growth. We have a responsibility to think about sustainable tourism when we plan our holidays. Have you found out about the impact of tourism on poverty and on the environment in your holiday resort?

“See the world from the point of view of a fish”!