Secondary School, Blackrock, Cork
PROJECT 1:  Ms. Jeanienne McCarthy’s Second Year Art Class

The accordion book of lino prints was created by Second Year Students and facilitated by their art teacher Ms. Jeanienne  McCarthy. The students decided to explore education as a human right and took their inspiration for their book from this theme.

ARTISTS: Kayleigh Liu, Orlaith Murphy, Emily Murphy-O Connor, Amy Ní hIfearnáin, Robyn O Leary, Sara O Regan – De Celis, Beatrice Raubickaite, Kate Smith, Anna Walsh, Wiktoria Zachwieja

Students’ reflections:

‘The project had a big impact on me in the way it made me realise how lucky I am to have an education’

‘It made me think more about education as a human right, everyone deserves to learn’

‘I would like this project to encourage others to learn more about access to education around the world, not everyone is able to go to school, that is not fair’.


PROJECT 2:  Ms. Hazel Hutton’s  Second Year Art Class

A Collaborative Work by Second Year Students from Ursuline Secondary School in Blackrock. Overseen by Ms. Hazel Hutton.

Student’s reflections:

“Stop doing bad stuff to animals. They all have feelings as well. I want people to know how much work we put into this project. It shows how much we respect animals”

“I want it to tell you to be more careful with the environment, because trashing it is not good and it can affect our health and especially animal’s health”

“I want other people to understand how, what we use every day can affect everything around us”

“I want this project impact people. I want it to show if you kill animals, there is no life”