Scoil Mhuire 2


Ms. Lori Moynihan, 4th Year Business

“In a number of classes, I explored with my students the idea of Corporate Social Responsibility and whose responsibility is it? We watched the “True Cost” documentary on the fashion industry and analysed the different costs to the environment, employees and everyone’s health in general. We discovered that the workers often wore disposable shoes or were not even wearing shoes,

and how the fashion industry is most profitable when the rights of the workers are at their worst. We explored in greater detail the footwear industry and the social impact of making the shoes we all take for granted. We noticed how the fashion industry was gendered, where 85% of the workers were female, and how the greatest environmental impacts were where rights and standards were often ignored. We decided that despite analysing corporations’ responsibility that it was us as consumers that need to be aware and make a change in our purchasing behaviour. We need to demand ethically produced products.”