Scoil Mhuire 1

Project 1:  ENDANGERED ANIMALS – Scoil Mhuire, Cork
Ms. PARK JI EUN, First Year Art


We started that lesson from last October. The students and I looked for endangered animals around the world. I used WWF origami work as the main resource. The students chose their own animal to make origami and poster. They did research about each animal themselves and made the slogan for their own poster.

It took six weeks of double period lessons. During the lesson, we discussed the current environment and what changes have happened for animals in the world. From the pupils’ reflection, during Origami folding, they were thinking about how the animals and humans can live together on this earth.


Project 2:       FREE THEME ART WORK – Scoil Mhuire

Teacher:         Ms. PARK JI EUN

Class:              Fifth Year Art

In January, I suggested themes through several examples of social activist artists to the pupils in the lesson. The pupils independently chose their own theme for the art works. Before they chose the theme, we had to see other artists and students work in the several lessons and the pupils tried different themes/ideas in sketches. Then the pupils produced the work around eight weeks of double period lessons and at home. During the lesson I just supported the pupils in their work, the pupils were main leaders of their work.